Precision with Purpose - Nov 2018

$10. $20. $30. $40 or more per acre. If you apply fertilizer with the planter, whether by in furrow or off the row (2x2 for example) or both, do you know your cost per acre?

What if you could reduce your planter fertilizer cost by 50% or more?

What if you could reduce your costs and not reduce your yield?

What if you could save input costs equal to 3 or 4 or 5 or more bushels of corn? Isn’t that the same as growing 3-4 bushels more?

Actually, it’s better. You know the actual dollars saved. The bill from the fertilizer company for planter fertilizer is 50% or more less. Extra bushels are great, but they must be dried, stored, hauled, and sold. Their final value is unknown.

On our farm, we’ve been using a standard, continuous stream orifice system for our in furrow application. This year we switched to Capstan Ag’s Seed-Squirter system. Seed-Squirter only applies fertilizer when a seed drops. Therefore, it also autoswaths & turn compensates the application.

Together with our neighbor, we plant about 3,000 acres of corn. With the inputs saved, we were able to pay for the system TWICE (yes, 2 times) in 1 season. Next year those dollars saved can pay for tile or they may be our profit margin.

Check out our Capstan Ag page for more information on Seed-Squirter, but, better yet, give us a call or come by to learn more.

We’re here to help make your #Plant19 a success!

Case IH, John Deere, New Holland

Thanks to our customers for the great response to our front mount tank brackets for the Case IH, John Deere, and New Holland tractors.

We now also offer a Rowtrac bracket that mounts after removing the front weight, thereby raising the tanks an additional 4 inches and lowering the total nose weight. If a customer prefers to leave the weight on, the original bracket is still available.

Thanks again and if you've just found us, please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to order a bracket.