Chem-Farm Tank Sizes Label - JD MFWD.png
Chem-Farm Tank Sizes Label - JD 4WD.png
JD 8R Iso.png


Fits 8x20 thru current 8xR Series. The belly bracket fits the prior powershift, the current M23 powershift, and the IVT. Small modification required for 20 series solid axle tractors.

JD 8370R - JDY2 with 270 gallon tanks

JDY2 shown. Added 6 additional inches of ground clearance and a simplified design.

JD 8310R - JDY1 (Retired) with a customer’s 250 gallon tanks

JDY1 shown. Ground clearance will be 6" higher with the current model.

Shown to illustrate width of 250s relative to front tires.

9RX / 9RX RowCrop / 9xx0 4wd

9RX and 9RX Narrow

JD 9xxx / 9R Series with 520 gallon tanks - - Triple Tires HIGHLY Recommended for 520s.

8x00/8x10 Series MFWD - Side Mount

JD 8300 - Side Mount Tank Bracket (270 gallon tanks with front notch)