Starter systems

We offer many different options for starter and 2x2 systems. From mounting the fill to the Chem-Farm stainless steel tanks to the release point, we have experience in all phases of the system.
— Harry Javens - Service and Sales Lead (Traditional Systems)

We stock the related pieces to make installations quick and repairs even quicker ...

  • Banjo (fittings, manual valves, flange fittings)

  • CDS John-Blue (flow monitors, magnetic blockage systems, fittings)

  • Electric Pumps (Flo-Jet, Shurflo)

  • Hydraulic Pumps (Hypro) [ACE - Repair only]

  • CapstanAG Seed-Squirter and LF systems

  • Hiniker (consoles, flow meters, servos, VODs)

  • Raven (consoles, flow meters, servos)

  • Electric Valves (KZCO, Tee-Jet, Banjo)

  • Hose (Suction, EPDM, Air Line)

  • Mounting Brackets

  • Orifices

  • Custom cables as needed

  • and more ...

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Click for the pdf version