A new look for us and a data driven world!

Well, we've finally gotten around to updating our web site. The new look will allow us to post new content quickly and keep our product and support sections up to date more efficiently. We've also joined Facebook! A lot of change around here in the communication department.

Things are changing fast in agriculture as well. The technology we use to farm and to communicate has changed greatly since I came back to the business in 1999. Shortly before I came back, I was still using a bag phone. We had an Ag Leader 2000 yield monitor and looked forward to the quick and easy precision farming future that many companies promised was just a few years away. Apparently their definition of "a few" is different than mine.

Today, the technology and equipment we have available is fairly easy to use and robust. We can generate mounds of data about all of our field work, but to what end? Here are some points that may be helpful to consider.

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Is the data accurate? Did you calibrate like you were supposed to?
  • Are you taking the time to setup the console correctly to save you or your ag data analyst hours in the office?
  • Do you sit down and take the opportunity to leverage that data? Your data.
  • You've either invested a lot of money in products or may be thinking about it. How are you going to get a return on that investment?

At Kelley Engineering, we continue to grow and evolve in a ever changing marketplace. We want to work with you to do the same in your marketplace by realizing the full potential of your investment.

Thanks for your consideration.