Be InCommand of YOUR data in 2016!

Ag Leader has announced a new line of displays for 2016 called the InCommand 1200 and InCommand 800. I have included a link below for your convenience. These displays build upon the usability and color friendly nature that Ag Leader is known for and they also are compatible with your existing Ag Leader modules and steering systems to make upgrading simple (expect OnTrac 2 and 2+). Building upon the AgFiniti data transfer capability introduced last year, the InCommand displays can transfer your data directly to your tablet wirelessly via Wifi so that you can use it immediately (iPad only at launch). If you need to use the tablet, simply take it with you. I know Ag Leader isn't the only company with this technology, but as a Complete Package they are hard to beat.

On the data side, it is yours. No aggregation. Ag Leader will be developing APIs that will allow a 3rd party to access your data, if you choose; but only if you choose. Again, the ONLY interest Ag Leader has in your data is helping you get use of it. As I wrote in our 2015/16 brochure,

"It’s YOUR data - The Value is yours. Ag Leader has the tools to Capture it, Manage it, Analyze it, and Act on it."