Should I upgrade?

It is a question I often get on a service call or at a farm show.

As we discuss their operation, it usually becomes clear which upgrades make sense.

The latest advancements in planter control, harvest, and display syncing are only available on the newest displays. Ag Leader's InCommand 1200 & 800 have these features. Ag Leader’s legacy displays (Integra, Versa, Edge, InSight) still work and work well, but they can not support the current feature set.

If you are struggling with your data management or want to start mapping, then some type of upgrade is in order. AgFiniti makes your data management easy and secure. It is available on the legacy Integra and Versa, but its true versatility and ease of use is only available on the InCommand 1200 and 800. You can also sync your data directly to an iPad using AgLeader's mobile app.

Eric Post

Eric Post

Don’t forget about nutrient distribution, autoswath, soil sampling, drainage (AgLeader’s Intellislope), VRA dry spreading, adding starter to your planter, and controlled traffic. All of these have an ROI too. Give me a call and take advantage of our Precision Ag Evaluation and be ready for 2018.