Chem-Farm Tank Sizes Label - JD MFWD.png
Chem-Farm Tank Sizes Label - JD 4WD.png

8x20 / 8x30 / 8xR Series

JD 8370R - JDY2 with 270 gallon tanks

Fits 8x20 thru current 8xR Series - Belly bracket dependent on series and transmission. The belly bracket can be traded in as needed as you upgrade.

JDY2 shown. Added 6 additional inches of ground clearance and a simplified design.

JD 8310R - JDY1 (Retired) with 250 gallon tanks (Customer's)

JDY1 shown. Ground clearance will be 6" higher with the current model. Shown to illustrate width of 250s relative to front tires.

9RX / 9RX RowCrop / 9xx0 4wd

9RX and 9RX Narrow

JD 9xxx / 9R Series with 520 gallon tanks - - Triple Tires HIGHLY Recommended for 520s.

8x00/8x10 Series MFWD - Side Mount

JD 8300 - Side Mount Tank Bracket (270 gallon tanks with front notch)