Why fbn?

  • First, we utilize their services on our own farm. The aggregated data is helpful to benchmark ourselves and find our weak spots. Also, if an operation isn't already using a cloud solution, FBN's platform could save paying extra $ on a redundant service.
  • Second, we have saved $ on our input costs by purchasing a portion of our needs through FBN Direct. We purchase those items on which we do not foresee needing any service and support. Those that we do, we purchase either through a local independent or a local co-op. As with most purchase situations, one entity will not always have the lowest cost or all of the information you need. FBN Direct is another option and they have packed it with a lot of helpful information.
  • Third, the marketing opportunities are new, but evolving. I like options. We'll be looking at how to make FBN a part of our marketing plan in the coming year.

Good question.

Why Kelley Engineering and FBN?

  • We can honestly say the FBN is a platform and community that fits into our mission of bringing real value to our customers.
  • We use it in conjunction with Ag Leader's AgFiniti or Climate Corp's FieldView or MyJohnDeere or any other cloud offering. Those offerings are great, but they do not aggregate the data for your farm's benefit. Ag Leader's AgFiniti is continually improving, but it will never tell you if a hybrid on your farm is under performing vs other farms in a 50 mile radius on the same soil type. Yes, topography and drainage and other practices come into play, but that is the power of the network. The truth's can be revealed.
  • We aid our customer's as much or as little as they need, depending upon their comfort and skill level. Our goals with respect to FBN are to make sure our customers take good data, save the data, and get it into the system to make sure they can utilize it.
So how do we make good decisions based upon our experiences? We measure. We gather our data and we take a look at it. Now, that doesn’t mean everyone has to be an expert in everything. Most of us have some trusted partners that we lean on. But, the first step is to gather good data. We can’t analyze what we don’t measure or don’t measure accurately.
— 2017/2018 Kelley Engineering Brochure - Precision with Purpose article

Will FBN bring value to your farm?

  • Does FBN bring value to their customers? Yes.
  • Are there tools and opportunities that FBN offers that others do not? Yes.
  • Does FBN offer an easy to use data platform that also offers aggregated information that you can't get looking at your own data? Yes.
  • Can FBN bring value to your farm? Check out the info below and at www.farmersbusinessnetwork.com to find out. Based on our own farm's experience, I'll bet "Yes".
We hesitated advocating for FBN at first. I am ok with putting my money at risk, but it is quite another to ask others to do the same. We are now entering our 4th year with FBN and I feel comfortable to say that there is value here. There is transparency of pricing. There is transparency of seed. There is transparency of markets. There is value here you can’t find anywhere else.
— Kevin Kelley

Farmers Helping Farmers

Farmers Business Network is proudly Farmers First (SM). Created by farmers for farmers, FBN is an independent and unbiased farmer-to-farmer network of thousands of American farms. FBN democratizes farm information by making the power of anonymous aggregated analytics available to all FBN members. The FBN Network helps level the playing field for independent farmers with unbiased information, profit enhancing farm analysis, and network buying power.

Overview of FBN

The FBN network is creating a better, independent farm economy for farmers. A farm economy that reduces farmers' risks, puts farmers in control and opens up entirely new opportunities. A farm economy that is connected, fair and more transparent so that farmers can grow the best crops, realize the most profits, and manage their family business exactly the way they want.

FBN Analytics

The Network + Analytics = The Future of Farming

What happens when thousands of farmers connect with tens of millions of acres of precision data and the industry’s best analytics? Farming gets better for farmers. This is the farmers’ network, completely independent and unbiased. FBN Analytics turn the world into your plot trial to ensure you find the right inputs and fair prices. That’s what democratizing farm data is all about.

FBN Direct

Using the power of millions of acres and thousands of farmers, FBN Direct negotiates directly with manufacturers and passes the savings on to you.

Price Transparency

Get insights into price transparency for every product, including the range of prices paid by farmers all across the country. Price transparency has saved FBN members hundreds of thousands by helping them buy and negotiate smarter.

Detailed Price Comparisons

Look at each product in-depth and make easy apples-to-apples comparisons to products that use the same active ingredients.

Unbiased Product Selection.

Shop FBN's large and unbiased selection of chem, seed, fertilizer and more. Shop hassle-free. Pricing is transparent and the same for all farmers nationwide. No haggling. No hidden deals. No confusing rebates. Get direct-to-farm delivery. 2-4 day shipping available in most states.

FBN Crop Marketing

Managing crop marketing is hard. That's why we've created a system for the digital age.

The FBN Profit Center System Includes:

  • Bids from More Buyers
  • See bids from over 4,000 buyers with expected profit/loss calculations for every bid based on your real costs.
  • Profit & Position Tracking
  • Quickly understand your inventory position, break-even price, and the profit per acre you’ve locked in from your sales.
  • Marketing Alerts
  • Receive “in-the-money” bid alerts right on your phone.